Download Ranches Brochure

Download Ranches Brochure

Middle Creek Ranch

Routt county near Steamboat Springs, CO

Nestled under the rimrock just outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Middle Creek Ranch invites visitors to an authentic Rocky Mountain experience. A family-owned, working ranch spanning 10,000 acres, Middle Creek beckons you to rest, play, and take in the extraordinary mountain air. Enjoy unbelievable views while horseback riding, fly-fishing or cross-country skiing, or let our expert guides design a custom adventure for you. Guided ATV rides, sporting clays, a shooting and archery range, as well as the kid favorite paintball field are some of the activities you can choose from. When you’re ready to relax, the hot tub on our sun deck is ready. Savor one-of-a-kind meals from a private chef, and say goodnight in cabins that are as rustic as the Colorado countryside.

hosted by: Jocelyn
sleeps 20        11 Bedrooms / 9.5 Baths
Trout Creek Frontage
Concierge spa services
Private chef
50 miles of nature trails
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Transition Ranch

Kinney county near Uvalde, TX

Between the southwestern edge of the rolling hills and live oak savannahs of the Hill Country and the mesquite and cactus-covered South Texas Plains lies a vibrant ecosystem filled with Golden-cheeked Warblers, Black-capped Vireos, and multiple varieties of orioles, hummingbirds, butterflies, and charismatic mammals. Explore almost 2,000 acres on some of the rarest and most gentle horses in the US, Peruvian Pasos, take advantage of world-class bird and wildlife photography blinds or relax by the pool. Meals are prepared with ingredients from the ranch and cooked in both contemporary and traditional styles.

hosted by: The Hurwitz Family
sleeps 9        3 Bedrooms / 3 Baths
Horses and miles of trails
Wildlife photography blinds
Shooting range
Pool and hot tub
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The Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort

Santa Ynez Valley north of Santa Barbara, CA

A secluded 10,000-acre jewel tucked into California’s famed Santa Ynez Valley, Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort melds the spirit of the Old West with the seductive charms of today’s most relaxing resorts. Drive 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara and you’ll find Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort’s 50 miles of riding trails, 100-acre spring-fed lake, two 18-hole championship golf courses, tennis courts, pool, spa, western-themed accommodations, fine dining, and endless ways to unplug and unwind. Just minutes away from the Ranch are more than 75 renowned vineyards and wineries and the charming Danish village of Solvang. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway for two, a family reunion, or a corporate retreat, come discover the magic of Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort. This is far more than just a dude ranch. With a temperate climate year-round and ever-changing seasonal activities, any time of year is the perfect time to visit us.

sleeps 250    
Luxury working guest ranch
Horseback riding
Two golf courses and spa
Winery tours and tastings
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Hacienda Montezuma

county near Bagaces, Costa Rica

This Costa Rican family-run cattle ranch is located in the mountains between Miravalles Volcano, Tenorio Volcano, and its extensive National Park. Hacienda Montezuma is entirely off-the-grid, and the water is sourced fresh from the mountain springs. The lake provides a tranquil spot for lazy afternoons, picnics and fishing. For those feeling more active, they can arrange fly fishing in the volcanic rivers, bird watching, trekking, rafting, a visit to the local town, and riding expeditions through pastures & the jungle. The 3700 acre Hacienda is dedicated to raising and breeding Brangus and Brahman cattle, with more than 1300 head. Visitors can join the “sabaneros”, or cowboys, while they herd and work the cattle.

hosted by: Floriana Acosta
sleeps 16        8 Bedrooms / 6 Baths
Tenorio Volcano
Farm to Table
Fly Fishing
Horseback Riding
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Colfax county near Raton, NM

With snowcapped alpine tundra, 19 fishable lakes and over 550,000 stunning acres of picturesque lands, Vermejo is the jewel of northern New Mexico. Its diverse landscape is home to a wide variety of wildlife including elk, bison, black bears and mountain lions. Whether riding horseback through open fields, exploring turn-of-the-century charcoal kilns, or fly fishing for Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Vermejo has something for everyone.

sleeps 74        29 Bedrooms / 30 Baths
19 fishable lakes
Holistic spa services
30 miles of pristine streams
1,200+ wild bison
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Yturria Ranch

Kenedy and Willacy county near Raymondville, Texas

The historic Yturria Ranch is located on approximately 14,000 acres of pristine South Texas ranch country in Willacy County and Kenedy County, approximately 29 miles north of the Valley International Airport in Harlingen and 6 miles north of Raymondville. The Yturria Ranch was founded in 1858 by Francisco Yturria, a South Texas pioneer, merchant, banker, railroad developer, and rancher. The Yturria Ranch has been under continuous family management for more than 160 years.

hosted by: Corina Hernandez
sleeps 8        4 Bedrooms / 4.5 Baths
Best private wildlife sanctuaries in Texas
Fully-staffed ranch experience
Private, guided hunts and fishing expeditions
Hacienda-style ranch house
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Costilla Lodge at Vermejo

Colfax, Taos, Las Animas, and Costilla county near Raton, NM

The Costilla Lodge is Vermejo’s hidden gem, located 45 minutes from the main lodge at 10,000 feet of elevation. While guests staying at Costilla Lodge have access to all of the fabulous inclusions and activities as those staying at the Main Lodge, the most sought after summer and winter adventures begin just outside the Costilla doorstep… With snowcapped alpine tundra, 19 fishable lakes and over 550,000 stunning acres of picturesque lands, Vermejo is the jewel of northern New Mexico. Its diverse landscape is home to a wide variety of wildlife including elk, bison, black bears and mountain lions. Whether riding horseback through open fields, exploring turn-of-the-century charcoal kilns, or fly fishing for Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Vermejo has something for everyone.

sleeps 16        8 Bedrooms / 8 Baths
19 fishable lakes
Private chef included
30 miles of pristine streams
Eco-friendly lodge
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Cienega Fort at Cibolo Creek Ranch

30 miles south of Marfa

Located in the picturesque Cienega Mountains with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 feet, Cibolo Creek Ranch, named for the buffalo that once roamed the region, is one of the oldest ranches in Texas. Cienega Fort was constructed between 1855 and 1857 by the ranch's founder, Milton Faver, at the spring-fed source of Cienega Creek. The Cienega forts were the original headquarters to Faver's growing cattle enterprise., chosen for their location at the spring-fed source of Cibolo Creek. Efforts to restore the ranch's historic structures and native habitat began in the late 1980s. Under the auspices of the Texas Historical Commission, everything from the fort structures, landscaping to interior decor were renovated. Every aspect of the environment reflects features of Spanish and Mexican culture. Most of the modern conveniences are tastefully hidden from view so guests can truly feel that they’ve slipped back in time, but without forfeiting modern comforts. Through ongoing habitat restoration efforts, much of the 30,000 acre landscape has been returned to its pre-pioneer condition.

sleeps 26        13 Bedrooms / 11 Baths
Meals, private chef and sommelier
Historic lodging, modern feel
Privacy with resort services
Hike, bike, hunt, tour or relax
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Green Valley Ranch

5 miles west of Glacier National Park

In a 2005 Big Sky Journal article, the author describes the setting of Green Valley Ranch best: “After a short drive off Montana Highway 2, the winding access road opens onto the homestead, where a caretaker’s cabin, guesthouse and main lodge encircle a small pond. In this sheltered meadow, it’s easy to see why the Green family settled here in the early 1900’s. The valley lies in the curve of the Flathead Range with Desert Mountain standing sentinel at 6,000 feet, cradling the collection of buildings protectively. From the hilltop above the lodge a person could look southwest and see right into Glacier National Park.” Green Valley Ranch was originally homesteaded by the George Green family when Glacier Park was newly created. The land was sold in 1947 and operated for fifty years as a dude ranch known as Desert Mountain Lodge. In 1999, the ranch was purchased and restored by the current owners – grandchildren of the original homesteading family. Today, five generations of the Green family ride and ski the logging trails, thin and replant the forest, and are securing the abundance and beauty of the area for future generations. Green Valley Ranch is their family’s treasure and legacy they now share with a select few.

sleeps 27        9 Bedrooms / 8 Baths
Ideal for family reunions, weddings and corporate events
Next to Glacier National Park
Access to world-class outdoor adventure
Two private lodging options with exclusive use of 480-acre property
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Cibolo Creek Ranch

Presidio county near Marfa, Texas

Located in the picturesque Cienega Mountains with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 feet, Cibolo Creek Ranch, named for the buffalo that once roamed the region, is one of the oldest ranches in Texas. The ranch is composed of rolling hills and rugged mountain peaks, with roads and trails throughout. Through ongoing habitat restoration efforts, much of the 30,000 acre landscape has been returned to its pre-pioneer condition.

sleeps 42        24 Bedrooms / 24 Baths
Private Mountains to Explore
Luxury Southwestern Cuisine
Full Service in remote location
3 Restored Historic Forts
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Dead Cat Ranch

Anderson county near Palestine, Texas

Dead Cat Ranch has been a family owned and operated ranch for over 35 years. Like so many landowners, the Spencer/Betts family has recently opened their ranch to guest stays and are excited to share the history of such a special place. Josh and Stacy have created a fun and relaxed environment with plenty of adventure for both families and large groups. Between the miles of ATV trails, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, shooting sports, and sitting around the campfire under the stars, this is an experience that will have you booking your next stay before you leave.

sleeps 14        5 Bedrooms / 5 Baths
Miles of ATV trails
Horseback Riding
200 yard rifle range
Custom picnic packages
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The Ranch at Wild Rose

county near Alton, Utah

The Ranch at Wild Rose is fulfilling the Cox family's lifelong dream to share the cowboy way of life. Purchased in the spring of 2022, this exclusive mountain treasure is nestled on 180 acres of gorgeous Utah landscapes. But the story of Wild Rose didn’t begin here. Harmony’s great great grandfather was an original settler of this area. His Wild Rose Ranch, just a few miles east, is where the tradition of hospitality began. Johnathan was well known for taking in weary travelers, offering them a bed and a warm meal. Ahead of his time, Jonathan had an incredible eye for livestock breeding and crop production. He took pride in the work of his hands, but always felt his most important work was his family. Dustin and Harmony Cox and their six cowgirl daughters continue his legacy. They live and raise cattle and crops much the same as grandpa Jonathan. They recognize how rare and special a life they live. Their goal as a family is to not only continue the legacy, but to also share it..

sleeps 20        6 Bedrooms / 6 Baths
Cattle Drives
Near Bryce Canyon National Park
Near Zion National Park
Near Grand Canyon
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Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Sutherland county near Ardgay, Sutherland

As one of the most remote locations in Scotland, the journey to Alladale is an experience in itself. Driving from Edinburgh, you have the opportunity to see much of Scotland's beauty - rolling hills, pristine rivers, centuries old castles, and if you're lucky, weather that changes by the hour and only enhances the majestic landscape. Once you arrive, you are greeted by an enthusiastic team, led by Stuart and Mandy, eager to ensure your time on the Reserve doesn't disappoint. Alladale’s chef Natasha Buttigieg produces consciously prepared local and organic fare. Their state of the art aquaponic gardens and exterior raised beds produce the vegetables, salads, herbs, and berries. Alladale's ethically culled wild venison is available together with local game if so desired. Regional suppliers offer fresh & wild caught seafood and local trout. Bespoke menus are available upon request. The rugged beauty of Alladale Wilderness Reserve allows for guests to experience the Highlands in its wildest form. Being out there sometimes feels like staying at the edge of the world. This makes spending a few days exploring the Reserve an unforgettable experience. Alladale offers a great range of indoor and outdoor activities for you to enjoy onsite. Ryan is your local guide and expertly navigates his way around the terrain, through the rivers and restored peat bogs, to take you hiking to an ancient forest. Along the way, visit and feed the Highland cows, learn about how they are helping conservation efforts, and stop to visit the Scottish wildcat rewilding program. A trip to the Cairn River is a class in Atlantic Salmon spawning, and its importance to the overall ecosystem. They also offer a variety of interesting day trips to local historic gems. Or go dolphin watching before having a nice local lunch. And what about a visit to a lovely whisky distillery? Alladale is a fantastic base from where to explore a unique part of the Highlands and northern Scotland. You might have been drawn to the lore of the Highlands, but Alladale will capture your heart with its passion, and you'll leave planning your return.

hosted by: Stuart and Mandy McLean
sleeps 26        12 Bedrooms / 11 Baths
Sauna and Gym
Remote location
Garden to Table
Unique location to see Atlantic Salmon spawn
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B Bar Ranch

Park county near Gardiner, MT

First human use of the Tom Miner Basin was by local Native American tribes as summer hunting grounds. The Absaroka (Crow) lived in a large territory bordered by the Beartooth Plateau on the south, the Yellowstone Plateau on the southwest and the Gallatin Mountain Range and Yellowstone River on the west and north. Tom Miner Basin is located on the western edge of that region, in the Gallatin Range. In addition to the Crow, the Sheepeater Indians most likely hunted in the Basin as well. Two hiking trails still used at B Bar– one traveling into Yellowstone and the other over Buffalo Horn Pass into the Gallatin River drainage – were likely used by Native Americans as they traversed the area. Tipi rings are still visible on the land, and some arrowheads and chips have been found in various ranch locales. Although not known with certainty, a member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition named John Colter may have been the first person of European descent to visit Tom Miner Basin in the early 1800s. Colter’s stories include trapping in a location that could well have been this Basin. He spent months alone in the wilderness, and is widely considered to be the first “mountain man." In the mid-1860s when Emigrant Gulch was settled as a lively gold mining camp, hunters frequented the Basin as well. It was around this time that Thomas J. Miner began trapping here, and it is for him that the area was named. The first homesteaders arrived in the Basin in the 1890s, following the settlement of Paradise Valley immediately after the Civil War and upon completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad a decade earlier. The first documented resident in the Basin was a man named Burkins, who homesteaded around 1900 where the main B Bar Ranch buildings are now located. In 1906 he sold his holdings to Charlie and Adelaide Scott, who owned the B Bar brand. There were at least six other homesteads settled about this time, as the Northern Pacific sold land in the Basin to ranchers for grazing. Names given to areas of the ranch – the Reed Place, Styers Pasture, Davis Cabin, and Anderson Place – remind us of the families who struggled to make a living in the upper reaches of the Basin. In the late 1930s, Bill Ward (a businessman from New York) came to Montana and consolidated various homesteads into a larger B Bar. During Ward’s tenure, the ranch was managed and operated by Don Hindman, a rancher and furniture maker from Cody, Wyoming. Hindman built our shop, Skully Barn, and much of the Molesworth-style furniture in the lodge. By the mid-1960s the Wards were forced to sell the ranch with the passing of Bill Ward. They sold to the Dunevant Corporation, an agricultural commodities brokerage firm in Tennessee. Very quickly they found that conditions here for raising cattle were very different than what they were accustomed to. When the ranch was again put on the market three long-time ranching families in the Basin purchased it to protect the property from subdivision or other development. Two of the ranchers took acreage for their share, leaving the third as sole owners of the reduced-size B Bar. It was from these owners that the B Bar, as it is today, was purchased by the current owners in May of 1978. With the purchase of eight cows and one bull in 1989, the ranch began its endeavor to operate organically. Today, the ranch honors the historical significance of the area through ecological preservation and stewardship of the land.

sleeps 22        9 Bedrooms / 6.5 Baths
Near Yellowstone National Park
Near Gallatin National Forest
Backcountry Ski-In Rentals
Horseback Riding
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