Where Have All the Short Term Renters Gone? To the Desert
Wall Street Journal
Here’s a look at high-end, short-term rental offerings in three American deserts.
How an Overnight Stay on a Working Ranch Can Offer a New Connection to the Land
Conde Nast Traveler
A handful of private ranches from West Texas to Northern California, many focused on sustainability and regenerative farming, have opened their doors to guests in the hopes of sharing their lifestyle—and sweeping wild lands—with a wider audience.
Forget Airbnb: Explore Ranches Lets You Rent the Whole Ranch
Inside Track
Add home rentals to the list of things that are bigger in Texas
Texas company specializes in luxury, resortlike ranch rentals with thousands of unspoiled acres and luxurious amenities
San Antonio Express
Want A Ranch For The Weekend?
Garden & Gun
Stepping out onto the timber-framed patio at West Texas’s Withers Ranch, coffee in hand, it’s hard not to be struck by the sheer starkness of the Davis Mountains, rising hundreds of feet above. The bottom of Madera Canyon curves down past the adobe house, with rock outcroppings pockmarking the slopes. The juniper and pinyon pines that dot the hillsides are almost assuredly hiding bedded mule deer and coyotes, maybe even a lone cougar. But the animals are invisible from the back porch in all but the twilight hours. Even driving up to the ranch itself, down eleven miles of unpaved roads, is an adventure, like driving across an African savanna, with montane grasslands stretching out to the horizon.
This Land is Your Land
Private lands comprise the majority of Texas. Explore Ranches offers the chance to get in touch with natural beauty previously inaccessible to the public.
This Company Is Like an Upscale Airbnb for Huge Ranches
Second Shelter
Started by three Texans in late 2018, the rental company puts a lot of thought into the properties that they list and even provides an entire proposed itinerary along with each accommodation – including everything from private dining experiences to guided outdoor excursions. It’s really more like an all-inclusive vacation.
Explore Ranches Launches the “AirBnb of Ranches”
Austin Monthly
Have a stay on one of their 16 luxury ranches across the United States, complete with private chefs, guided tours, and site specific lesson.
LAND magazine feature article
LAND magazine
Explore Ranches provides one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences by opening the gates to some of America’s wildest and most scenic ranches with the goal of creating connections.
Rural Revival Episode 100 - Allison Ryan of Explore Ranches
Rural Revival Podcast
This week on the podcast we’re with Allison Ryan of Explore Ranches — a web platform of ranch rentals that Allison and her friends Jay and Jesse created that features incredible private properties and experiences and helps people connect to the outdoors. As someone who has always had a passion for the outdoors, Allison is sharing how Explore Ranches is providing a service to both land owners and visitors, and how they are creating interest in conserving and protecting some incredible wild places. You’ll love how Allison, Jay, and Jesse thought outside of the box to create Explore Ranches, and how they are opening up a new avenue to landowners through hospitality that allows people to exclusively experience these beautiful places.