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The Landowner Perspective
If you're interested in the benefits of partnering with Explore Ranches, listen as three of our partners explain why they made that choice and how it's worked for them.
Alice Ball Strunk
Alice Ball Strunk is a fourth-generation owner and operator of the Hudspeth River Ranch. She is a respected rancher, conservation advocate, and successful retired attorney. She and her family welcome the opportunity to share their historic ranch on the emerald green headwaters of the Devils River.
Kincaid Light
Kincaid Light is a 5th generation rancher from Uvalde, Texas. He runs an extensive cattle and farming operation throughout the state. His appreciation for land stewardship and sharing the ranch experience with others has led to a new family venture in hospitality with Elephant Mountain Ranch.
Allison Ryan
Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Allison Ryan, co-founder of Explore Ranches, grew up with a passion for the outdoors. Frequent trips to her family retreat, Withers Ranch, in the Davis Mountains served to deepen her love of wild places and the unique experiences they provide. Her father’s extensive conservation work in West Texas has instilled in Allison a responsibility to preserve the land and share its beauty with others.
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Explore Ranches handles everything from photography and marketing to guest inquiries and payments so that you have more time on the ranch and less time in the office.